Now that the Mission has turned into a giant independently-owned beard oil boutique, soaring rent prices have driven local sex club Mission Control out. They (along with countless other evictees, presumably) need your help.

Located at Mission and 21st, Mission Control has held such sexually-charged parties such as Kinky Salon, Pink, and Threshold. Kinky reports, "Unlike the recently shuttered Lusty Lady, Mission Control says it will search for another location." Described as a "13-year-old sex-positive, community and member play space," Mission Control tells of their plight:

With regret, we must announce that we have lost the lease on our building. There’s no doubt that the space which has hosted so many good times over nearly 14 years will be missed, but do not despair! We have a plan for moving forward.

Mission Control isn’t bricks and mortar. It’s not just a pretty paint job. Mission Control is PEOPLE, and with your help we will find a new club house soon.

We’re going to need your support in the coming months. We will be moving and decorating and fundraising, and hope to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We want to especially acknowledge the many hours of planning and hard work that volunteers have contributed to make 2519 Mission Street such a special and unique place in the world.

Just as we have completed all of our design and safety projects, it is sad to suddenly find it time for us to move on. We do, however, have time to enjoy the wonderland we have created together for a couple more months.

We will be hosting all our events as scheduled at the current location until the end of November. Please come out and celebrate our home on Mission Street while we still can.

Check out the Mission Control alliance page for details on how to help.

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