Back in July we noted how the arid, tiny Central Valley town of Porterville had canceled their previously announced Gay Pride Month amid some controversy between Mayor Virginia Gurrola and a couple of city councilmembers. Well, community outrage ensued, and now the NYT is on the case after Gurrola was voted out of office in a "reorganization" by the City Council.

As the NYT notes, Porterville stands "as a reminder that at a time when many states are adopting same-sex marriage and other public support for gay rights has grown markedly, the issue is polarizing in many parts of the country. [And] That is even the case in California, a state that, if increasingly Democratic, has a large swatch of deeply conservative regions."

The Mormons and The Church of Nazarene, which are powerful in Porterville, seem to be behind the uproar that lasted all summer there, and a minister gave a 50-minute sermon about the sin of homosexual conduct at a Council meeting. Terrific.

If anyone finds anything we can boycott from Porterville, speak now. But we could start to have trouble keeping track of these boycotts.