As Larry Ellison takes over the waterfront and OracleWorld descends upon San Francisco, one local house of modern burlesque filed a lawsuit against the megacompany after one of its employees allegedly used an Oracle American Express to charge 33-thousand dollars in "services" to the strip club, which the company refused to pay. Oh dear.

Phil Matier and Andrew Ross have the exclusive:

According to the lawsuit, the employee - identified as Jose Manuel Gomez Sanchez - used his Oracle-issued American Express card to charge $16,490 in unspecified "services" at the New Century Theater on Larkin Street during the wee hours of Oct. 2 during last year's Oracle OpenWorld fest.

It must have been some party, because the employee returned two nights later and rang up another $17,050 in charges.

What do you think "services" entail? And how much can a lap dance cost? Or a bottle of Grey Goose? The mind boggles.

Oracle refused to comment on the pending suit. However, as Matier and Ross go on to point out, New Century's attorney on this case, David Cook, sure has a telling email address: [email protected].

Despite the lawsuit, the Tenderloin-based strip club still welcomes any and all Oracle employees, provided they can pay their tab. Starting today and lasting throughout the invasive convention, randy OracleWorld attendees can flash their badge the door to receive a special discount. And the world goes 'round.