During the third inning at the Coliseum on Sunday, the A's found out that they were the American League West champions, their first another back-to-back title win, and then poured booze all over each other.

Oakland Tribune has more:

The A's won it last year, too, but not until the last day of the regular season when they beat the Rangers, who at the time were tied for first. This year Texas is far in the rear-view mirror.

"Last year I remember feeling like we stole it," first baseman/outfielder Brandon Moss said. "But this year we are the best team in the West. We are really good."

How good?

Oakland is 93-63 -- 30 games over .500 for the first time this season. And while nothing has been decided yet, the A's have an excellent chance of hosting the first round of the playoffs.

But fret not, Giants fans, as this could result in a Dodgers (currently first in the NL West) vs. A's World Series in which Oakland could (and would) beat L.A. And, indeed, that would be great for those of us in San Francisco who believe that, even though Oakland is another world altogether, we're the center of the Bay Area. Thus a win for the A's is also a win for S.F., right? Right. Delightful.

Following, scenes in which the the A's celebrate advancing to postseason by pouring alcoholic beverages on each other: