Now that Breaking Bad is cooking up to its final climax and everyone but you and your poor, neglected DVR has gotten around to announcing every plot twist on Twitter, the fine folks who normally bring you streaming movies and DVDs delivered to your door are debuting a new bit of technology to prevent spoilers from ruining your precious TV time. is Netflix's attempt to scrub your Twitter feed free of Breaking Bad commentary, at least until you've caught up on last night's episode. After signing in with your Twitter account, anyone tweeting trigger words about Breaking Bad (and even Aaron Paul at the Emmys, apparently) will have their potentially ruinous tweets blacked out. When you're all caught up, you can switch back to "normal Twitter," according to Netflix.

Over in the U.K. and Ireland, where they call women's underwear "pants" but a channel called "American Movie Classics" would probably seem a little odd, Netflix streams Breaking Bad shortly after it airs in the States. Over here though, Netflix is about the worst way for spoiler-averse folks to watch the show since it doesn't come out for months after airing on basic cable.

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