Sailing fans had their hopes frustrated once again today as yet another day of America's Cup sailing was called off due to unfavorable wind conditions. We don't understand the specifics, but basically the wind was going the wrong direction today after the rains stopped, and according to competition rules, this was no good. As of 2:30 today, with the boats out on the water, things were called off, and New Zealand will once again have a shot on Sunday to take home the Cup.

The score stands at 8-3, after Oracle Team U.S.A. picked up another win on Friday. In total, Oracle has won 5 races to New Zealand's 8, but they began at a 2-race deficit because of cheating, and they still need 6 consecutive wins to take the thing, which is highly unlikely. And, for the love of god, we all want this thing to be over tomorrow, so Go New Zealand!!

Monday is the last scheduled race day on the Cup calendar, "if necessary."

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