Remember this guy? Vincent Calvarese, the gay San Francisco Sheriff’s lieutenant who was featured in a 2009 documentary about butch gay guys called The Butch Factor, was arrested again this week for failing to appear at several of his court-mandated domestic violence counseling sessions and violating his probation. Calvarese, as you may recall, was involved in a violent incident at Gold's Gym last year in which he pushed and punched an ex-boyfriend in the locker room.

After that incident he was allowed to return to work but was put on three years probation and was made to attend regular domestic violence counseling. When he failed to attend at least a couple of those sessions, his probation officer asked a judge to issue a bench warrant for his arrest, and he was taken into custody on Wednesday, as Matier and Ross report.

It's unclear whether Calvarese is still in good standing at the Sheriff's Department, and he could potentially face up to a year in the clink for the probation violation.