The previously untitled HBO Project penned by Michael Lannan and starring Jonathan Groff as one of a trio of 30-something gay men navigating their lives in San Francisco is in need of some background extras. According to an open call for extras, the show is now called "Looking" and they have "a constant need for 20-30s Hipsters/Mission Neighborhood types and LGBT Community."

The show, which stars Groff alongside Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett as three gay men who design video games, will be shooting scenes in the Castro, Mission district bars and Alameda. Naturally, those scenes call for authentic set dressings. The Castro bar scene requires "Gay/Gay friendly Men & Gay and Lesbian Couples" aged 21-30s for a shoot on Wednesday. The Mission scenes need 18 - 30 year old Hipsters who can "pull off Hipster vibe with your own clothing and style." The folks over at Mission Mission pointed out today that filming may have already begun at Doc's Clock on Mission Street. In the Lower Haight, where crews shot some scenes for the show's pilot episode, Star Waggons and crew trucks have also started popping up this week.

The Alameda scene, on the other hand, is a naval-themed video game launch party aboard a a docked ship (likely the USS Hornet). So, if you've got a high & tight military haircut and bartending experience, now's your chance to get on Premium Cable.

Before we get too wrapped up in comparing the show to "Sex and the City for gays" or GIRLS, Looking is expected to be less flimsy than the former and a little more personal like the latter. As Reed Morano, the show's director of photography said last month:

I wouldn’t call it a comedy or even a dramedy... It’s more like real life — some of it’s funny and some of it is sad and poignant. The main character is an endearing guy who screws up a lot. It doesn’t glamorize the lifestyle — it’s definitely not Sex in the City for gays. It’s hopefully more truthful and provocative.

Also, Scott Bakula is in it. Dr. Sam Beckett is one cameo Carrie and the girls never had.

While we've got our eyes on San Francisco's blossoming TV renaissance: another show about tech folks — albeit straight ones — is also currently filming in the Mission around Dolores Park and Bi-Rite. This one's called "Betas" and it's a direct-to-streaming affair by Amazon about an app maker named Trey in search of an investor. The pilot of that show is currently online if you're the type of person who springs for Amazon Prime.

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