It was a beautiful but windy day on the Bay yesterday, though not as windy as Saturday when Team New Zealand almost toppled their boat and the second race had to get called off. Both Team U.S.A./Oracle Racing and the NZ boys scored one on Sunday, bringing the tally to New Zealand 7, U.S. 1, meaning that this is New Zealand's cup to lose, and things might even be over on Tuesday.

The first team to win 9 races will take the cup, which, in case you didn't know, isn't named after our country but was actually named for an English boat by the name of America that won the first Cup in 1851.

We had the pleasure of watching from a hospitality boat sponsored in part by SKYY Vodka yesterday, and it was a cool thing to see — and pretty amusing to watch surrounded by New Zealand sailing fans, who, in case you didn't know, are very, very serious about the sailing. They were distraught and despondent for about 45 minutes, during and after Team NZ's poor showing in Race 9, but the boys came back in Race 10 to beat Oracle, and there were cheers all around.

Also, the America's Cup Park one Pier 27 looked to be filled with spectators, though we can't necessarily say the same for the America's Cup Village at Marina Green, where the bleachers looked kind of empty.

As you may have heard Team U.S.A. was docked two races because of that cheating scandal, so they started off with a score of -2. By Saturday, they had only won 2 races, bringing their score to zero, and on Sunday, they finally got themselves in the black with one win. Still, New Zealand has proven a tough and agile competitor, winning 7 races to the Americans' 3 — but also, calling Oracle Racing's team "the Americans" isn't so accurate, since the captain and some of the crew are actually from New Zealand. So yes! Kiwis own sailing! And they are very likely to win, making Larry and a handful of diehard American sailing enthusiasts sad.

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