Enterprising businesswoman Virginia Ramos, better known as the Tamale Lady, will be giving away 100% of her tamales for free this Friday in order to raise money for her brick and mortar shop. Having been banned from her usual bar rounds, the Tamale Lady in exile will be operating as a pop-up that you can only summon through limo-hailing app Uber, who will be footing the bill in order to drum up support for Virginia's indiegogo campaign.

This confluence of San Francisco ingenuity happens this Friday, during the regular hours in which you might expect the Tamale Lady to arrive at a bar around the Mission or the Lower Haight. (That's this Friday, September 13th from 8 p.m. until no more tamales.) So, really it's no different than any other time you might run into the Tamale Lady, except this time you don't have to pay.

If you find yourself standing at some neighborhood dive bar feeling peckish and Virginia is nowhere nearby, she can be found using the Uber app — the same one that has previously summoned on demand Mariachis, ice cream trucks, town car rides, singing telegrams and stunt cars from an 80s movie.

Power to Virginia for getting in on some of that easy tech money. The rest of us should take the cash we saved on free tamales and donate to her indiegogo campaign.

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