Today at the Planning Commission they'll be hearing all about 75 Howard, a new proposed residential tower that would join this beauty and this other beauty in the ever denser Transit Center District surrounding the Transbay Tower. Yay for tall things!

It's a 31-story tower that SocketSite has noted before, and some neighbors are already complaining that it's taller than its neighboring buildings — which is true, but moot, since the whole district is going to be a whole lot taller a decade from now when the rest of the buildings get built. See the full PDF of the draft EIR here.

Phil Matier chimes in today saying he bets this thing "flies right through the bureaucracy and gets built," because more and more San Franciscans appear to be in favor of building upwards, as evidenced by the many construction cranes all over town, not to mention the approval of the Transit Center District Plan.

75 Howard would replace an existing, 7-story parking structure that's not exactly a gem in the neighborhood. And it would become a 186-unit condo building with a ground floor restaurant, and structured parking. It's unclear right now who the architect is, but we'll update you if we figure it out.

Update: Looks like the design will be by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the same firm behind this other planned tower a few blocks away. The rendering above likely does not reflect the final design.