Goddammit, people. This is just sad. A Walnut Creek fire station was burgled on Sunday while all the firemen were out fighting the Morgan Fire at Mount Diablo. It was a crime of opportunity, clearly, and the thieves managed to grab the wedding rings of two firemen, and one of their iPads.

This all happened sometime between Sunday afternoon and evening, when the firemen returned to Fire Station No. 7 in Walnut Creek, as KTVU reports.

And, sadly, another firehouse in the WC was also targeted for an attempted burglary around 2 a.m. Monday, possibly by the same despicable thieves, but lo and behold those firemen were there at the time. They were all asleep at the station, and woke up to the sounds of someone trying to remove the screen from one of the windows.

Anyway, at least the fire is almost out.