In some ways, this seems like it could've been the perfect crime. Who would suspect a fast food manager of robbing his very own store at gunpoint? But that's just what happened when Felix Becerra, 42, held up a Pleasanton McDonald's on August 28.

Oakland Tribune/Bay Area News Group has more:

Police say about 3 a.m. Aug. 28, Becerra climbed through the drive-thru window of the store where he works wearing a white, full-face mask and white gloves and pointed a revolver at his own employees while ordering them into the office to retrieve cash from the safe, Pleasanton Police Sgt. Kurt Schlehuber said. Once the employees handed over the money, Becerra demanded they go into the freezer and not come out for 30 minutes.

Although successful in evading capture the first time, he blew it when he tried knocking over another McD's. He hit again Sept. 2 at a San Mateo McDonald's,"this time entering the store, forcing employees into the refrigerator at gunpoint, and ordering a worker to open the restaurant's safe," but was caught later that night along I-880, "where police found a look-alike gun and cash from the holdup in his car." Oops.

Becerra confessed to both crimes. He now sits in the San Mateo County Clink, booked on armed robbery charges.

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