Google buses (et al.) are everywhere. Muni street cars are prone to accidents. Both of these things are common knowledge at this point. So we suppose this was inevitable, really: a private shuttle bus collided with an historic F-Market street car Thursday evening. Naturally, we bring you this news via Instagram:

In this case, the trolley appears to be a Toronto Dallas livery and the photographer there to capture it was SFist pal the Tens:

Several bystanders claimed the shuttle belonged to Google, although that's still unconfirmed at the moment. (Note: see update below)

From another angle, liz_from_la — a person who doesn't even self-identify as a San Franciscan — lamented via hashtags and filters: "Well well well ... isn't this #symbolic? The gleaming anonymous #Google bus rammed straight into an old school SF bus, fucking up traffic on #Market. #SaveSanFrancisco #orsomething #ImNotSureAnymore"

We're not sure anymore either, Liz.

Update: SFist reader Will, who was on the Muni trolley, says the shuttle belonged to Amgen and that the Muni driver and other city employees deserve high marks for the way they handled the response. The shuttle driver was spotted leaving the scene in a neck brace.

Update II: According to a spokeswoman from Amgen the bus didn't belong to the pharmaceutical company either. As she told SFWeekly via email, Amgen does not use charter buses in the Bay Area.

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