To coincide with le football américain season (this Sunday!), the fine folks at Hi Tops will have a brunch fit for guys, gals, and guys pretending they're into sports so that they can trap a dude-dude.

Hi Tops co-owner Jesse Woodward tells SFist, "We're gonna have things like fried chicken inside waffle tacos, homemade biscuits and gravy." They'll also serve, "lots of drinks, like a Bloody Mary with bacon-infused vodka and champagne drinks with blood orange puree." Jamie Lauren, former Top Chef alumna who created the Castro sports bar's regular menu, also concocted the upcoming brunch roster, like the above beer-soaking delicacy.

New brunch menu starts each Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM and will run 3 PM. (To find our more about Sunday's game, as well as the 49ers season ahead, check out Daisy Barringer's preview.)

Hi Tops: 2247 Market (at 16th Street), S.F.; 415-551-2500