After initially letting the big-rig driver whose right turned killed a 24-year-old cyclist earlier this month, Police Chief Greg Suhr announced that an investigation has found the driver at fault in the accident. The change came about after the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition discovered security footage of the accident that showed the truck making a right turn onto Sixth Street and into Amelie Le Moullac, who was riding her bicycle in the bike lane on Folsom. The SFBC pointed to bias against cyclists as the root of what they consider a botched investigation. From SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum:

“Our own staff, who were obviously not trained in police enforcement, took 10 minutes walking around and found footage that may be used as evidence down the road. We really wonder whether police are discounting cases in which people biking and walking are hit and killed based on some bias among officers.”

Chief Suhr also apologized for the behavior of Police Sergeant Richard Ernst, who interrupted a safety rally at the site of the accident to blame the victim. “It’s never OK for anybody, let alone a police officer, to be a distraction at a memorial,” said Suhr. “We’re usually better than that.”

The case is being presented to the district attorney’s office, which will make the call on whether to charge the big-rig driver or not.

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