When it comes to Zoo life in San Francisco we here at SFist admittedly have an adorable bias. So, in the interest of fairness to non-mammal, non-bird animals (sorry invertebrates; you're still gross) we present to you: Big Daddy Bahasa, a 2-year-old Komodo dragon who just arrived at the San Francisco Zoo.

Bahasa hails from Knoxville, Tennessee where he broke free from his shell into a life of captivity. Now that the young dragon has arrived in San Francisco, he'll be moving into a new all-Komodo place out by Ocean Beach, where the recently renovated digs will be climate controlled to an agreeable 85 degrees, unlike the rest of the neighborhood. At the moment, Bahasa is only about 47 inches long and weighs five pounds, but he's expected to grow up to nine feet long by the time he's all grown up in a few years.

Now watch as he gives you a mean, prehistoric side-eye: