"Have you thought about riding with a passenger maybe?" asks intrepid reporter of Bay Area rule-breaking Stanley Roberts as he confronts carpool lane cheats alongside a CHP officer who's ticketing them. C'mon, Stanley, it's bad enough they've got to pay those steep fines without you rubbing it in their faces.

Roberts recently stood with his camera guy alongside a CHP officer at an on-ramp on Interstate 880 in Hayward while the officer busted people for using the carpool lane illegally, and though some of them are shamed and saddened by getting caught, several of them are unapologetic. "I use the carpool lane all the time," says one guy, claiming he only gets a ticket once or twice a year, and it's basically worth it. Another lady says that it's the system's fault, because the backups to get onto the freeway are just too long, and not enough people are using the carpool. It's an age-old argument, of course, and even State Assemblywoman Fiona Ma is on that lady's side.