This Wednesday, August 28th at the Ferry Building, the folks from CUESA are hosting their latest seasonal drinking event. For the August edition, the folks who put on your friendly neighborhood farmers markets are going with a Yacht Rock theme celebrating late Summer produce, boat-friendly booze, and a classic Styx track.

You won't find any slushy, icy or pineapple-coconut boat drinks on the menu, but you will find some creative uses of tomatillo juice, over-proofed rums and various chili peppers.

The bartenders charged with creating nautically themed, locally sourced, in-season cocktails for Wednesday's event include notable cocktail shakers from Burritt Room, 15 Romolo, Trick Dog, Smuggler's Cove, Iron & Gold, Novela and more. On the food side bites and hors d'oeuvres will come from from Tango & Stache, Bluestem Brasserie, Prather Ranch, La Mar Cebicheria and others.

The event itself happens this Wednesday evening 5:30 - 8 p.m. at the Ferry Building. Tickets are $40, but a few of the bar stars from the event have graciously shared their recipes here so saucy SFist readers and come sail away on their own. Enjoy:

Josh Trabulsi, Burritt Room
Peg Leg
2 oz Sailor Jerry 
1/2 oz orgeat 
1/2 oz serrano strawberry cordial*
3/4 oz lime
3 dash chocolate bitters

Shake and double strain over new ice into Old fashioned glass. Garnish with pirate skull flag and strawberry. 

Blend 20 strawberries, one half serrano chile, and 2 oz overproof white rum (Forres Park) with 2 cups of 1:1 turbinado simple syrup. Strain out seeds and solids 2 or 3 times. 

Vita Simone and Alexeis Filipello of Sassafras Seagrass & Dogwood
Tippy Tommy

2 oz tequila 
.5 oz fresh lime
1.5 oz tomatillo juice
4 orange cherry tomatoes
.6 honey simple syrup
Half thin slice Fresno chili seeds included
Pineapple mint
St George Dry rye rinse

To make tomatillo syrup: Blend 6 pieces of tomatillos. Add 4 cherry tomatoes and strain. Add honey. Mix and serve within 8 hours for best flavor. recipe is for one drink 
To serve: Muddle pineapple mint and fresno pepper. Add tequila and lime. Rinse glass with St. George spirits dry rye gin. Fill shaker with ice, cap, and Shake then double strain. Serve in a coup or martini glass for fun or on the rocks with a chili sugar rim. Garnish with a cherry tomato or make an umbrella with a tomatillo wrapper. 
Enjoy cautiously.

Abraham Perez, CHAYA Brasserie
Gin Barquentine

2 oz St. George dry rye gin
1/4 oz Solerno Blood Orange Liquor
1/4 oz gum syrup
Lemon basil leaves
Lemon juice
Red pluot

Muddle two peeled slices of red pluot with 4 lemon basil leaves, a few of drops of lemon juice, a 1/4 oz of solerno, and a 1/4 oz of gum syrup. Lastly add 2 oz of St. George dry rye gin, stir it up and double strain into an up glass.

Victoria George, Rickhouse
To Be or Yacht to Be
1.5 oz Blue Bottle-infused Fernet Branca Menta
.75 Raspberry/Rosemary Shrub
.75 Fresh Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients. Double strain into rocks glass. For full-sized cocktail, use crushed ice.  

Mauricio “Moe” Arce, Monarch

Come Sail Away
1oz Drambuie 
3/4 oz Drambuie 15
Bar Spoon Fig Jam (homemade) 
1/2 oz Blue Bottle Cold Press
 ¼ oz Cereal Milk (homemade) 

More tickets and event info can be found on CUESA's site here. More information about the inspiration behind Moe Arce's cocktail can be found below: