While the Bay Area enjoys a week of shorter lines and fewer people clogging Dolores Park, festive folks took to the road today to partake in the annual dance-a-thon in the desert. We are, of course, talking about Burning Man, happening now until Sunday, September 1. Here are a few noteworthy moments of revelers pre-burn. Enjoy.

The line to get into Burning Man grows. Beware:

Bikes become adorned with fur, head get topped with mullets:

Reno-Tahoe International (ohh, "international") Airport welcomes burners:

Meanwhile, the SOMA/South Park area is more quiet today as tech ilk head to the Playa. Why, even Darwin Cafe is comparatively empty:

Ready to go sporting smooth shades:

Is this like glamping? Are they glampers? They don't look like glampers/

Burning Man kit, fittingly complete with fake moustaches:

Driving by:

And finally, costumery fit for the big week ahead: