The Armory Studios, local porn titan's educational wing, offers a variety of workshops. There's "Yoga for Sex" (flexibility, breathing, etc.) There's "Stripping and Lapdancing" 101 and "201" (sensual movement, putting on and taking off clothing, etc.) And now, there's a new "intensive" offering aimed at helping couples explore bondage and other fun activities for the BDSM curious.

Grandly entitled "Madison Young's Intimate Exploration of Dominance and Submission," the seven-week course will include a series of "intimacy labs", live demonstrations and hands-on workshops aimed at couples and triads from those "mildly curious about D/s relationships" to those "well-versed in the lifestyle." Participants sign on for the full seven week series and yes, there will even be homework.

Singles are welcome, but it sounds like it might be a bit awkward to come without one or two partners on hand. "This is a participatory workshop," Young says. "Much of the instruction is about learning to communicate fully with your partner or partners, and to read the signs, physical and mental, that they're providing. There will be live demonstrations, but much of the instruction is about learning to interact with the person you're with."

The course begins on Thursday September 5, and happens consecutive Thursday nights through October 17th. Tickets are $350 per couple which, for seven sessions, seems like a pretty good deal if you're into that sort of thing.