This Saturday, August 24th the recently hip corner of the Mission and Potrero Hill will celebrate itself with a block party thrown by neighborhood notables: Noise Pop, the Bon Vivants, and Flour + Water.

The deservedly hyped bar stars from Trick Dog will be running a Dog House Booze garden — like a beer garden, but with wine and cocktails to keep things nice and social — and all within convenient view of the main stage. Also boozing in the neighborhood: the understated Jay'n Bee Club and perennially dive-y Benders Bar & Grill. If the noon - 6 p.m. timeframe isn't enough for you, there's also an afterparty at Mission Dispatch.

Food selection runs the gamut from haute grilled cheese (American Grilled Cheese Kitchen) to difficult reservations (flour + water) to A+ excellent sandwiches (Rhea's). Crafty types can increase their foodie cred by taking a pizza-tossing or pasta-making lesson from the folks behind flour + water, Salumeria and Central Kitchen.

On the music lineup: Noise Pop (whose offices are in the neighborhood) have lined up hometown folk rockers Two Gallants take top billing. SFist Band to Watch James & Evander, the delightfully soulful Quinn Deveaux, Mac DeMarco and the not-to-be-missed San Francisco Rock Project — a rotating cast of youngsters who rock way harder than you did when you were 13 — round out the afternoon.

In addition to all the eating, drinking and rocking, a slew of local vendors, crafty types, and other organizations that don't really fit those categories will be set up along the block to mingle with. Think: 826 Valencia, Workshop SF, KQED, Alite, Heath Ceramics, Rainbow Co-op, KQED and a couple dozen more.

Finally, here are the kids from S.F. Rock Project crushing it with Ty Segall last year at Thee Parkside:

20th Street Block Party
Saturday, August 24th
12 noon - 6 p.m.
20th Street from Harrison to Bryant
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