Oh but yes. This is our kind of art. New York City-based Polish artist Olek will arrive in the City tonight to wrap the Doggie Diner Heads in crochet. Because why not?

The one-name artist will be greeted by the iconic dogs at SFO later today. The Doggies will then escort Olek to the Phoenix Hotel where she will cover the pooches in colorful crochet over the next week. Olek is noted for covering items up with her signature crochet. When we last heard from her, she covered up this billboard in Oakland. And just look at this:

We look forward to seeing the end results. (Side: Do you think her toilet seat and/or tissue box are covered in crochet, like your grandma's? Because that would be swell.) If you want to see her in action tonight, head over to the Phoenix Hotel (601 Eddy @ Larkin) between 7:30-8:30pm where she'll be working on the dogs.