Well, color us astounded.

Noted artist Mona Caron, of the Duboce Bikeway Mural behind the Safeway on Market Street, created this cool trompe l'oeil on Church and Duboce. Castro Biscuit reports, "Caron was commissioned by the SFMTA to make the utility box at the corner of Duboce Avenue and Church Street more sightly and chose to do an awesome perspective piece."

Caron herself describes her work as an ideal world where the mega-chain supermarket is demolished and a farmer's market put in its place. She says on her site. “The demolished mega-supermarket replaced with a farmer’s market, with the Duboce Bikeway mural wall still propped up, are details taken from Chris Carlsson’s utopian novel 'After the Deluge.' "

The utility box's back side, as seen below, pays tribute to The Wiggle.


[Castro Biscuit]

(photo: Roy McKenzie)