Celebrated 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick appears on the cover of GQ this month. In addition to flaunting his inarguably arousing ink and body -- as well as his problematic chin pubes -- the football star also sports Gucci and Louis Vuitton while wearing 49ers gear. (Chaos, control, chaos control... you like?)

Kaepernick, who seems like a smart chap, talks about le football, being underestimated, and growing up mixed-race in a white family. When asked about the camaraderie of football, and preferring it over baseball, he says:

"You know what I love most about this game? You know what I miss the most when I’m away from it? Being around my teammates. That’s it! Growing up, when I dreamed about playing in the NFL, it was never about being famous, never about the roar of the crowd. It was about the other players, because there is no other sport where you rely on your teammates so much. The fact that you can go out there and trust ten other people without even looking at them, that’s amazing. That you can build that type of trust and have that type of confidence where you can throw a ball without seeing where a receiver’s at, and just trust he’s gonna be there and make a play... Do you know what that feels like, to know those guys have my back and not worry about that? I couldn’t feel any of that as a pitcher. On the mound it was just me and the batter. And the questions were all about me: What can I do to throw him off? What can I do to beat him? But there was not that trust, that feeling of others relying on you. That feeling of ‘It’s just you’—I didn’t like that.”

...on experiencing racism as a mixed-race child adopted by two white parents, he notes:

“On summer vacations, it happened every time,” Colin says. “We’d be checking into a motel and somebody would come up to me as I’m standing next to my family, all nervous, and say ‘Um, can I help you with something?’”

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