As of 11:52 a.m., your editor has politely IM'd several friends to request that they bike messenger us a box of donuts and a soft blanket posthaste. Why? Because the sun is out today, and we would like to frolic in the grass. Like, it's even sunny in the Outer Sunset. But is that unusual for the stereotypically foggy neighborhood? Not so, it seems.

To find out more, we asked SF Appeal editor and openly Outer Sunset resident Eve Batey for more details.

"While it is not always as sunny and warm in the Outer Sunset as it is elsewhere in the city, it's not as overcast and chilly as people would have you believe," Batey explained to SFist. "I blame our reputation on skimpily-dressed folks waiting for their Outerlands brunch. If you have to stand on a corner clad only in an American Apparel tank and Toms for three hours waiting for pancakes, of course you're going to think this part of town is cold and dark."

And there you have it. Carry on.