If your guy with the molly hookup flaked on Sunday, thus ruining your ability to enjoy lite rock while totally rolling balls, this update from the San Francisco Police might have something to do with it: SFPD "got lucky" while following up on a possible burglary and literally walked right into one of the department's biggest drug busts ever.

Officers were responding to a report of possible vandalism and burglary on the 3300 block of Mission Street near Bernal Heights just after 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, when they found a broken window on the ground floor and a trail of blood leading into an apartment upstairs. Officers searched one empty apartment before following the blood trail to a second apartment where Benjamin Hagerl, age 36, stupidly answered the door covered in blood.

Inside they found 31-year-old Steven Terrell, along with duffel bags containing more than 23 kilograms of MDMA powder and over 30,000 pills. Police also seized nearly $30 grand worth of cash and computer equipment.

MDMA and molly, if you're not up to speed on your drugs du jour, are the cleverly re-branded version of Ecstasy that all the kids and rap stars and coke-weary New Yorkers are into these days. As Police Chief Greg Suhr pointed out, this bust happened on the same weekend as Outside Lands Festival where more than a couple concertgoers with pupils the size of dinner plates were spotted cuddling excessively. With 30,000 pills and 23,000 grams of the stuff, Hagerl and Terrell had more than enough molly to get every single festival ticketholder high for two days.

Both suspects are San Francisco residents and were booked on suspicion of possession of controlled substances for sale, maintaining a place for selling or using controlled substances and conspiracy to commit a crime. Terrell also has another charge still pending for selling weed in Illinois.

"Sometimes you get lucky," Chief Suhr said of the enormous groundscore, "and in this instance we were lucky."