Cronut knockoffs, the sweet, flakey gift that keeps on giving.

The last time we checked in with the curious Cronut craze, Posh Bakery and Paris Baguette came up with their own versions of the NYC pastry du jour. Now we have the classiest Bay Area offering thus far, care of Fillmore Bakeshop, called the Kronut.

Inside Scoop's Paolo Lucchesi, once again, has the details:

Fillmore Bakeshop is probably the most boutique local bakery so far to hop on the bandwagon — Posh Bakery is an industrial wholesaler, after all. Last weekend, Fillmore Bakeshop made a few batches of their version, which they’re calling the “kronut” (of course).

But don’t rush to the corner of Fillmore and Bush quite yet. The bakery’s kronuts are only available on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., first-come, first-serve. $2.75 a pop, limit four. This upcoming weekend’s flavor: Cinnamon and Sugar.

Now, Fillmore Bakery isn't trying to pull some sort of publicity stunt with their sparse Kronut offerings. The Kronuts, it seems, are a virtue of patience and lots of work. The bakery notes, "[W]e can only fry six at a time, but making them in such small batches is what makes them so special!"

Meanwhile, in NYC, these two women dig through the trash to find the coveted donut-croissant hybrid. Sad.

Fillmore Bakery: 1890 Fillmore (at Bush), S.F.; 415-923-0711

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