Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones, who is African-American, took to Twitter Sunday night to thank the "slapdick" who reportedly threw a banana at him while playing at AT&T Park.

Jones later took to Twitter to chide those defending the banana thrower and/or dismissing the gross significance of the fruit tossing.

According to the Baltimore Sun, "Giants senior director of media relations Jim Moorehead said Sunday night that the Giants received no reports of any incident of anyone throwing an object onto the field in the bottom of the ninth inning, but added that the club will follow up Monday by reviewing the stadium's security cameras."

Hurling a banana at black players is nothing new, unfortunately. Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers fell victim to a similar taunt in 2011. And as ESPN reports, "In Europe, black soccer players have had to contend with bananas being thrown at them, although such displays largely have been eradicated from the game in western Europe. One high-profile instance came in Russia involving Brazilian star Roberto Carlos."

The Orioles beat the Giants last night (no surprise there) 10 - 2, capping off a series victory. They head to Arizona today.

UPDATE: Giants make formal apology.