RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal, 31, was charged Thursday with 47 counts of crimes related to domestic violence. The young CEO stands accused of assaulting his girlfriend inside his Rincon Hill home.

"Prosecutors charged him with 45 felonies, including two counts of false imprisonment, two counts of criminal threats, and 41 counts of assault and domestic violence, according to the complaint," reports The Chronicle. "One assault charge was assault with a deadly weapon, a pillow."

Specific details about his alleged brutality have yet to be revealed because "the police report was marked confidential." However, Chahal's attorneys have described the charges as "overblown and misleading," going on to say that the woman "has asked the district attorney to withdraw the charges."

The noted CEO, who appeared on Oprah and was once described by former Valleywag editor Owen Thomas as an "egomaniacal entrepreneur," dropped out of high school at age 16 to start his first company. He later appeared shirtless for a curious photo shoot.

Free on bail, Chahal is scheduled to be arraigned this morning.

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