Perhaps you've heard of the Cronut. Or the local knock-off the Cronot. Or the other local knock-off from the Paris Baguette. Or our very own knock-off: the GrandNut. There are countless variations of Dominique Ansel's trademarked creation and now that the fad has swept the entire pastry-eating nation, they have finally arrived on the doorstep of our very own paper of record. And, well, Chuck Nevius is not impressed.

Java Trading Company, the Chronicle's in-house coffee shop, is one of two places in the city to get the coveted (but apparently lackluster) pastries shipped in wholesale from Posh Bakery in the South Bay, C.W. Nevius reports. But how do they compare? (Compare to what? Normal pastries, we guess.) Nevius, not often a man of few words, gives his one-word review:

Delightful social pages columnist Leah Garchik, whose pieces we read religiously for the Overheard in S.F. items, gave the donut-things the full Instagram treatment, declaring them the opposite of irresistible, saying: "Cronuts from Posh Bakery come to Java Trading, Chronicle coffee shop. I find them resistible"

Michael Bauer, the Chronicle's venerable food critic, on the other hand, remains silent on the pastries. Presumably because he needs to go back and try them three times and write a couple hundred words on it.

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