On Saturday, the San Francisco Zoo's new waddle of penguin chicks had a graduation of sorts. After several weeks worth of intense eating, squawking and napping at Fish School, the four girls and one boy of the Class of 2013 were loosed upon the world, driven by a natural instinct (and some helpful zookeepers) to join their fellow Spheniscidae on the Zoo's penguin island.

As is tradition at the Zoo, the young Magellanic penguin chicks flopped and flapped down a lane of eager onlookers and Zoo members before plopping themselves into the pond. They were mostly excited about joining their new home, but one little one at the back seemed a little hesitant. We feel ya, buddy.

The single male chick this season was named completely at random from a pool of names drawn from a hat. Appropriately enough, he will be taking on the same name as England's royal baby: George Alexander Louis.

Also, because it's way too adorable to leave out, the breakout hit short film from 2010: "Penguin Knocks Over Camera"

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