Do you know what London Breed is? A breath of goddamn fresh air, that's what London Breed is. For your consideration: At a San Francisco Young Democrats vs. San Francisco Young Republicans dodgeball game on Saturday, the D5 supervisor told a Republican player she was acting like an "asshole."

Beth Spotswood for SFGate has the story:

I sat on the grass and watched from afar until all of a sudden, it became clear that a Young Republican woman was getting in a heated argument with referee-Supervisor-prolific Tweeter London Breed. I raced over with my camera and attempted to capture this moment and eavesdrop. We had been watching this particular Young Republican from the sidelines and no one was taking this game more seriously than her, which to her credit, is awesome. Apparently, Supervisor Breed kept telling her to stay behind the starting line, serious Republican lady kept stepping over it, and mayhem ensued. At some point, Supervisor Breed may have remarked that serious Republican lady was “playing like an a**hole” and serious Republican lady was having NONE OF THAT. There was lots of screaming about “sportsmanship!” and “these people are voters!” Supervisor Breed said, “This is a free country! I can say what I want!” I was so excited, I dropped my camera.

We're not sure who was right or who was wrong or why our city's future leaders were playing a PE game that gives 10% of the population PTSD. But we're on London's side.

If we may generalize sweepingly, the Republican was most likely being an asshole. Not that GOPers are jerks. Quite the contrary. It's more like this: Have you ever met a diehard Democrat living in Orange County. That person was an asshole. They're like that poser at a Giants game who, even though they don't follow the Reds closely, needs everyone to know that, for the next few hours, they are the biggest Cincinnati fan in all of S.F. (e.g., standing up too quickly, applauding too loudly, looking for too much reaction, screaming nonsensical shit like "score a homerun!"). Total contrarians and thus total assholes. The same usually goes for self-promoting Republicans in a pinko Commie town.

Or not. Who knows.

Anyway, it's nice to see the BOS has another Chris Daly on its hands. Kudos to Breed.

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