By Sharon Knolle

About 20 years ago, I took some photos of two newlyweds on Upper Haight. They were dressed in vintage clothes, the groom in an old-fashioned tie and glasses, the bride in a lace dress with a small veil. They were somber in some photos, ecstatic in others. Sadly, I never got their names. They've never seen these photos. I've always wondered what happened to them.

I wish I knew the exact date but it was somewhere in 1993 or 1994, somewhere between in the 1400 block of Haight. I only printed the two best photos I took that day but I took at least four photos of them, including one of them kissing.

If you recognize this couple, please share these photos with them and please email me or let me know on Twitter (@sknolle). I assume it was an informal wedding (if it was a real wedding at all) and that maybe they never took that many photos themselves. I know, in the age before digital phones and cameras, I certainly never took enough photos.

Most of the street photographs I took when I lived in San Francisco didn't turn out: The film was the wrong speed, the lighting was all wrong. But these two turned out okay. I'd like to think the newlyweds did too.

Sharon Knolle writes for LAist.