There are two kinds of folks in this world. People who admire Courtney Love and people who are made of garbage. (Kidding. Sort of.) We fall into the former, luckily. (Your SFist editor's first concert, in fact, was a Hole show in the '90s at the Palladium. Courtney got into fisticuffs with some asshole in the audience. It was awe-insiring. Shortly after the show ended, Belinda Carlisle, sporting an eggplant Versace gown, glided across the pit, parting the crowd like Moses. No concert has been able to match the gravity of that night.) In town tonight at the Independent, she had intriguing bits to say about the city.

Love gave a charming and insightful interview to Joshua Rotter for SF Examiner. Some choice moments: When Love lived in San Francisco (years ago), she squatted at 44 Hayes before moving into a "really big" and "beautiful" pad on Divisadero. When asked about visiting her old home now, she said, "I kind of get physically ill if I'm there for too long, like you do in Vegas. But it's nice for a day or two — and it's fun to play."

She also went on to say, "I can't even envision it with tech people. San Francisco was tight with 'Don't fuck with our quaintness.' "

Read more at SF Examiner. Then head over to Gothmist to read Courtney Love's interview with Jen Carlson about playing small shows in Montauk, Billy Corgan, and tips for her fellow New Yorkers.

By the way, tonight's show is sold out; however, you can always try Craigslist.