We told you last week how the stubborn backers of Prop 8 have brought a new suit to the California Supreme Court on behalf of San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg, arguing that he has standing to challenge the federal court decision regarding Prop 8 and that he's not beholden to the governor, the attorney general, or anyone in deciding whom he allows to get married in his county. In Friday's filing, Dronenburg and his attorney, anti-gay zealot Charles LiMandri, requested a stay of Judge Vaughn Walker's 2010 decision killing Prop 8, and Tuesday the court rejected that request.

Last week the court rejected a similar request for a stay by ProtectMarriage, the original sponsors of Prop 8. The organization was arguing that gay marriages should be halted while the court considers its filing, which argues that Walker's injunction only applies to the two counties where the couples in that case resided, Alameda and Los Angeles Counties.

The court has asked LiMandri for additional written arguments by August 1 before they decide to take up Dronenburg's appeal. LiMandri will also be arguing that Prop 8 remains the law in all but those two counties, and hoping that he can take the appeal, with Dronenburg's standing as a clerk who issues marriage licenses, to a higher court.

Dronenburg appeared at a press conference in San Diego yesterday to claim that he was participating in the case merely in order to "clarify the law."

As the AP notes, 24 of the 58 county clerks in California have already filed amicus briefs stating that marriage law should be governed by state officials, and should be consistent statewide. Which: obviously.

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