While the rest of the country swelters and dies in their heat waves, San Franciscans typically settle in for a wintry chill and foggy blanket each July. But thanks to global weirding, or just some fluke pattern affecting us again this month, this past two weeks of gray has given way to the beauty and tranquility you see outside your window today, and here's hoping you can get out in it for more than a minute.

Summer should be a time of discovery, like those gorgeous scenes from Tree of Life or memories of those suburban summers of your childhood when you stayed out with your friends terrorizing the neighborhood way past dinnertime. It's a time for beach drinking, lazy baseball watching, shorts wearing, and bad decisions.

It's also a good time to check out that revamped rooftop bar at Lolinda (a.k.a. the former Medjool), or to check out all the new shit along the Embarcadero like the bar at Coqueta, and the new Waiheke Island Yacht Club — which is actually just a three- or four-month pop-up from a New Zealand restaurateur, as part of the America's Cup village.

And while most of the city won't exactly be sweating — highs of about 65 through the weekend, with may a touch warmer on Monday — you can bet will be warmer in the Mission and Dolores Park, so maybe it's best just to hover around there if you're craving warmth.