Applebee's has, at last, opened a restaurant in San Francisco.It's in the Wharf and you should go. Why? The stellar views of the bay, for starters. Speaking of starters, will the Ultimate Trios platter be the same as it is everywhere else? Possibly not. This isn't your great aunt from Stockton's Applebee's.

Paolo Lucchesi has more:

“We’re not, like, a normal Applebee’s. We don’t have all the specials you see on TV,” he said, somewhat apologetically. There is, however, a late night happy hour with half-priced appetizers: 9pm-12am Sunday through Thursday, and from 10pm-1am on Friday and Saturday nights.

So what else makes this San Francisco Applebee’s special?

“Our size, our view,” he replied, proudly.

Their menu, we should point out, takes a year to make. God is in the details.

Also, Applebee's is like a Denny's with a bar, right? (Speaking of Denny's, remember when you could smoke in them? When they were all open 24 hours? Silly, goths.) Or not. We'll find out soon enough when we check it out over the weekend (sans the NYT sneering) and report back to you.

And if you think we're being smug and elitist, you might be right you haven't seen us inhale two boxes of Pizza Rolls at 2AM. [Ed. note: Jesus, how many more times do I have to mention Pizza Rolls before the bigwigs at Totino's PR airlift free crates of Pizza Rolls to SFist headquarters?! I'm hardly demanding an all-expense comp to France's wine region, like every other food writer in this town. I just want to mainline a few enriched flour-, sodium citrate-, and titanium dioxide-laced treats. Pepperoni and sausage, preferably.]

Applebee's - 2770 Taylor (at Jefferson), S.F.; 415-749-9025

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