The suspect in Friday's fatal shooting at the San Francisco GiftCenter and JewelryMart has been identified as 23-year-old Barry B. White Jr. of Antioch, California. White, who had a previous run-in with police when he was 19, is currently being held in the slaying of two female jewelry mart employees and critically injuring a store owner in the shootout.

White surrendered to police near the scene on Brannan Street Friday afternoon. He was found "covered in blood" and apparently ran out of ammunition after opening fire on a group of police officers. White was taken to the hospital to be treated for superficial injuries before being booked into County Jail on two counts of murder and seven for attempted murder.

The victims were later identified by the Medical Examiner's office as 35-year-old Khin Min of San Francisco and 51-year-old Lina Lim of Daly City. Both women were employees of Victoga Inc., one of the jewelry stores inside the jewelry market. One of the victims died from gunshot wounds, the other due to knife wounds. A third victim — the male owner of the store — was also injured and was in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital as of Monday morning.

Witnesses on Friday said that White had been at the GiftCenter and JewelryMart before, and passes are required to enter the building. According to SFPD, White had a least one business transaction at the store before Friday's incident, but investigators do not believe the shooting was intended to be a robbery. Police also found an SKS rifle in the trunk of White's car, which was parked nearby.

Back in 2009, when he was just 19, White was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after he attempted to run over a police officer in an Antioch cul-de-sac. White and two friends had just been turned away from a private Sweet 16 party when they threatened the bouncer with a pump-action shotgun, prompting the police response. Although he failed to run down the police officer, White crashed into a concrete pillar and was found hiding in some bushes nearby suffering from gunshot wounds. In 2011, White filed suit for police brutality in the incident.

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