As a bit of an addendum to SFist's Best BBQ list, which we reserve the right to update periodically per the whims of our editorial staff: Sneaky's BBQ is now available in pop-up form two nights a week at Vinyl on Divisadero. Also: you can order it as porky new hamburger topping.

Smoked meat fans will remember walk-in orders of Sneaky's almond wood smoked pork belly, pulled pork sandwiches or vegan BBQ jackfruit were previously available only on Wednesdays at the Divisadero wine bar. Starting today, that moves to two nights a week. (Pre-ordered catering is still available too, if you prefer to buy your pork by the pint.)

In related meat news, Sneaky's has also teamed up with Wesburger Wednesdays down the street at Mojo Bicycle Café for an off-menu beef/pork collaboration that we really hope to see more of around the city. On Wednesday nights, diners can pop into Vinyl and order a burger "Sneaky Style" with either pulled pork or smoked pork belly. Sneaky's will serve you up an order of straight up pork, which you can bring to Mojo and demand it be placed on top of your burger order. $10 for the burger, plus $3 for pulled pork (or $4 for the pork belly) tops out at 14 bucks, but you'll be getting this:

On top of something like this:


Think of it as your locally sourced In-N-Out secret menu, but with even more heart-stopping power. Delicious. See you guys down in cardiology.

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(Photo: Andrew Dalton/SFist)