An initial examination by the San Mateo County coroner of one of the two fatalities in Saturday's Asiana Airlines crash has revealed that she may have sustained additional injuries, post-crash, when her body was run over by a fire rig.

The coroner has not revealed which of the two teenage victims, Ye Meng Yuan and Wang Lin Jia, was possibly run over, only that one of them had been run over by a vehicle, possibly one belonging to the fire department, after she was ejected from the aircraft. The body, he said, did not appear to be badly burned.

The other victim died from injuries sustained from being ejected from the rear of the aircraft after the tail broke off. Both girls were part of a group of 30 high school students from Jiangshan City, China who were coming to visit Silicon Valley and several colleges, and then go to a Christian summer camp. They were scheduled to be taken down to a Marriott in San Jose before continuing on to the San Fernando Valley. Both are described as being top students, and diligent workers.

More than 30 fire trucks responded to the scene of the crash within moments of impact.

San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault has not yet completed his autopsy examinations. SF Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White tells the Chronicle, "I want to make sure that, just for everyone's closure, that the investigation is complete. The coroner will come to his conclusion."

The two girls were en route to West Valley Christian Church and School in San Fernando Valley on Monday for a three-week visit. LA Times reports: "They were supposed to work on their English skills at the West Hills church-run summer camp in the mornings and tour local universities come afternoon. They were supposed to live with host families in the San Fernando Valley and go sightseeing on weekends. They were supposed to tour the Bay Area before heading south."

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