While there have been plenty of photos surfacing showing the aftermath of Saturday's Asiana Airlines crash at SFO, until now there has been no video showing the Boeing 777's crash landing—a piece of the puzzle that could help in the investigation of the crash. But one witness—amateur aviation enthusiast Fred Hayes—did happen to be filming planes landing on the runway when flight 214 was coming in, and captured the entire thing, shedding more light on what went wrong. You can watch the video, which was released to CNN, below—you'll hear Hayes in the beginning noting that the plane looks odd, coming down with its nose in the air. Following that, the plane hits the seawall, causing the tail to come off.

This weekend the NTSB's Deborah Hersman spoke about the crash, noting that the flight voice and data recorders were currently under investigation, and "everything is on the table right now." While she still says they have "a long way to go in this investigation," they just announced that the pilot did try to initiate a "go around," an attempt at a new landing, just 1.5 seconds before the crash.

Two teenage girls were killed in the crash, and 49 others were injured, with injuries including head trauma, paralysis, and "severe road rash suggesting they were dragged."

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