Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, 16-year-old students at Jiangshan Middle School in China, were identified as the passengers killed during yesterday's Asiana Flight 214 crash at San Francisco International Airport. The crash also injured 49 others.

The two teens were reportedly sitting near the back of the Boeing 777 as it slammed into the ground, bounced in the air, and then crashed back into the ground. "One of the teenagers was apparently ejected at that time and her body was recovered on the runway, near the wreckage of the tail section of the plane," according to the Chronicle. "That site was about a mile and half [ed note: ??] from where the main part of the plane came to rest off the runway. The second girl was found about 30 feet west of the plane, near the left wing."

Mengyuan and Linjia were part of a group of "29 students and five teachers that had set off from the girls’ highly competitive school in Zhejiang, an affluent coastal province," notes NY Daily.

Soon after the accident, the airlines offered its "deepest apologies and condolences." During a televised conference in Seoul shortly after the crash, as reported by CBS, airline President Yoon Young-doo bowed and said, "I am bowing my head and extending my deep apology" to the passengers and families affected by the crash.

According to HuffPo: "Of the 291 passengers onboard, 141 were Chinese. At least 70 Chinese students and teachers were on the plane heading to summer camps, according to education authorities in China."

Around noontime on Saturday, Asiana Airlines flight 214 traveling from Seoul, South Korea slammed into the runway while attempting to land. The crash is being billed as the worst commercial aviation plane crash in SFO's 75 year history.

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