While some of you kowtowed to AC Transit, the ferry system, or, far worse, casual carpooling (the horror), Wayne Phillips managed to get across the Bay the right way. After waiting in a quarter-mile-long line for a ferry due to the BART strike, he took matters into his own hands. He took his own yacht from Oakland to SF.

LA Times has more:

Wayne Phillips did everything but swim as he struggled to get to his tech job in this city's Financial District.

His usual smooth ride on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train was derailed by the system's first strike in 16 years. So Phillips drove from the East Bay city of Concord to Oakland. He stood in a "quarter-mile-long" line for a ferry. Then he gave up and jumped on his own boat, a 30-foot Bayliner named Lovin' Life.

"I boated to South Beach Harbor and then took Muni," Phillips said, referring to the local bus, trolley and cable car system. "It was the first time I've done that. ... I was waiting in that line, and I realized I would have gotten here at 11 a.m."

Mr Phillips, you are not only lovin' life, you are also livin' the life. Well done, sir.

For those of you who don't have a sweet boat to glide across the Bay--which: shame on you--you can always order a helicopter ride.