In reaction to Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings on Prop. 8 and DOMA, conservative Christian hate group Family Research Council announced a new prayer-based campaign in which members promised to get "on our knees for America." As if the pray-the-gay-away tagline weren't unfortunate enough, the tone deaf anti-gay group went with a very blow jobby logo that wouldn't look out of place on a men's room door in a cheeky Castro bar.

FRC's terribly named "Call 2 Fall" campaign isn't just an opportunistic shot at getting the conservative right back in church pews this summer: it's a campaign that has its roots in the very foundation of our nation. From the campaign announcement [warning: PDF and nonsensical rhetoric behind that link. All scare quotes and poor punctuation theirs]:

Churches in all of America's original colonies united in prayer "on their knees" in July, 1775 at the outbreak of the War for Independence (see story).

Their prayers were heard, and resulted in the Declaration of Independence (our nation's birth certificate), the U.S. Constitution (the framework that would end slavery, give voting rights to men and women of every race, and produce more religious, political, economic and personal liberty for Americans, than people in other lands had ever seen.

Help us make this, the first Sunday in July [ed. note: It's actually June 30th], a day when Churches and families across America will take time to get on their knees and pray for our nation [...] before we break out the fireworks and picnic gear to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th!

Anyhow, here's real American patriot and FRC President Tony Perkins, hanging around outside the the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. describing just how desperate he is to get on his knees for America:

There are 332 churches participating in California alone, but if you would like to host a safe space where FRC members and sympathizers can gather to all get on their knees together, you can sign up right here. Otherwise, we recommend checking spending you Sunday at one of the many Pride-related parties happening this Sunday.