Brace yourselves, fellow redheads and sun deniers, for a heatwave has landed. Starting now and lasting until Lord who knows when (Monday, ideally), a heatwave will have a stranglehold on the Bay Area. Think linen shorts, light skirts, tousled hair, color blocking, SFP, deodorant, lots of deodorant, more deodorant and summer shoes, but never (never, ever) flip flops on city streets. (Ew.)

That said, try to call in sick tomorrow if you can. The park, any park, calls your name. If you're heading to Dolores Park, good on you. The 10th annual Trans March happens tomorrow, Friday. (Folks will gather in Dolores Park all afternoon, and at 6 p.m. will march from the Mission to the site of the former Compton's Cafeteria in the Tenderloin, where awesome trans people rioted in 1966 in response to police harassment.)

This weekend's muggy weather will be scorching... 73-degree scorching, that is. Check out Weather Underground for a full report.