A scary, allegedly meth-addled landlord who owns a 24-unit building at 1725 Fulton Street was arrested Monday after he broke into a tenant's apartment and subsequently got into a fight with police officers. Norman Sabel, nicknamed the "Mayor of Fulton Street" inherited the building at some point, and tenants, four of whom are already suing him, say the building is half-empty and plagued with problems.

The latest incident was one of many that tenants have videotaped in recent years involving an angry, combative Sabel. He's been known for screaming at, harassing, and even assaulting tenants, as well as witholding things like heat.

Monday's incident began when tenant Nikko Bravo asked Sabel to call a plumber to fix a problem in his apartment. Sabel refused, insisting on doing the work himself, and ended up breaking down Bravo's door Monday to work on the plumbing... with a knife.

Bravo escaped to the kitchen, called the cops, who arrived and subsequently had to fight with Sabel. One police officer was injured in the scuffle, breaking a knee.

One attorney representing a tenant told the Examiner, "His life revolves around two things: Methamphetamine and domination of subservient human beings. His life is total self-indulgence."

Sabel's now out on $62,000 bail, but let's hope he doesn't flee the country like these other evil landlords did, escaping arrest for three years.

Below, ABC 7's coverage, including some of the recent video evidence from tenants...

...and a creepy video one tenant appears to have made a few years ago trying to make light of Sabel saying, "I know everything."

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