The U.S. Supreme Court will not issue rulings today on either Prop 8 or DOMA, the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Next possible SCOTUS decisions could come down next weel. Perfect, of course, for Gay Pride week in San Francisco.

San Francisco City Hall was rearing to go today, putting up a Pride flag last night, but they will have to stave off the partying until (hopefully) next week.

At a Pride opening event last night, former D8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty (whose recent decision to step down as a parade grand marshal, due in part to the Bradley Manning brouhaha, prompted controversy and applause) said, "I feel very hopeful about it. I'm really excited and I think what we see around the country -- so many states have marriage equality movements. So this is a very exciting time and for it to happen in the middle of Pride, I think couldn't be any sweeter."


If California's gay marriage ban gets overturned next week, no one knows when exactly local county clerks can start marrying same-sex partners. Soon, hopefully. City Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu tells B.A.R., "All of our intention is when we have the go ahead and green light to marry folks to do it as quickly as possible."

The City Attorney's office has a game plan come decision day. Until then...