Last week we mentioned that BottleRock, that big music and food fest up in Napa that just happened for the first time in May, might not have done so well financially. Well, there's more bad news out of Napa this week.

BottleRock and its organizers are being sued for a half million dollars by Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation of San Francisco which provided some 830 buses, vans and shuttles that ferried people around Napa, to parking lots and hotels, and picked people up as far away as Sacramento. Bauer's says they've only been paid a portion of what they were owed, and they're suing for breach of contract.

Organizer Bob Vogt says the same thing about this case as he did about the labor union that's coming after him for unpaid wages to stagehands: Everyone will get paid once he gets paid the portion of revenue owed him by Cindy Pawlcyn's catering outfit, which handled all the food and beverage sales.

Pawlcyn and her reps insist that they've provided an adequate accounting, and the remaining funds to be paid are not going to cover the costs Vogt still has outstanding. In addition to owing workers over $630,000, BottleRock owes several hundred thousand more to the City of Napa and the Napa Valley Expo.

[Napa Valley Register]

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