Internet rich person Sean Parker and his new wife are beset on all sides by haters, according to a report by The Guardian and Associated Press. Parker asserts that he and his wife have been spat on in the streets, cursed at by a waiter and generally maligned in public by people who, in the immortal words of Gavin Newsom, "weren't invited" to the magical Big Sur wedding at the heart of the controversy.

Parker's troubles began following an article in The Atlantic which revealed a report by the California Coastal Commission citing unauthorized construction of stone gateways, walls and a pond in a Big Sur redwood grove without proper anti-erosion precautions or permission.

Lovers of redwoods and haters of money alike have risen up to criticize this apparent paragon of Silicon Valley entitlement, but the aggrieved Parker claims media reports about the wedding are bogus and overblown and says he paid $1.5 million to help build campgrounds for underprivileged youth in addition to the $1 million to the CCC, which is now singing Parker's praises.

Alas, money can't buy happiness. "My wife and I should be happy right now, elated to have been married," Parker said, implying that the pair's post-wedding bliss has been shattered. He's gone so far as to cancel his honeymoon to deal with the wedding backlash.

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